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It's time to


The Future is Now

Leading real estate companies are converting to a digital business model using blockchain technology and tokenization to gain the competitive advantage this emerging technology delivers; improving effectiveness, efficiency and boosting profitability.

Tokenization is being adopted across the real estate industry and has the potential to revolutionize every aspect of the space. Practical application of this technology is gaining attention due to wide-ranging implications, while adhering to the existing state of regulatory requirements.

The Problem with
Today's Real Estate


Costly inefficiencies 


Lack of liquidity 


Lack of transparency and trust


Security issues 

Going digital with Blockchain solves these problems

We offer a step-by-step blockchain tokenization solution for existing real estate equity to make going digital an easy transition. 

Welcome to HeightZero Real Estate, where we bring cutting-edge solutions to the world of real estate investment. As industry leaders, we offer a comprehensive step-by-step service tailored to meet your needs.


Through tokenization of existing equity shares, we empower owners with digital asset management, unlocking liquidity for investors and opening up diversification opportunities like never before.


At HeightZero Real Estate, we pave the way for a new era of real estate investing.

Existing Equity

Digital Transformation of Existing Equity

Preparing private market assets and funds for digital trading is an emerging phenomenon worldwide, increasing investment options and providing attractive benefits for not only investors, but also for the asset owner. If you have closed a real estate investment offering with an existing capital stack of equity investors, contact us today to see if it qualifies for tokenization. 

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Whether taking small exploratory steps or embarking on a complete transformative business model, our guidance works on your terms.  


Contact us today to learn how we can assist in achieving your goals.

Larry Fink

CEO, Blackrock 

Tokenization will be "the next generation for markets"
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