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Height Zero

The first block in a blockchain, known as the genesis block, has a block height of zero, reflecting the fact that there are no blocks before it in the chain. Similar to the foundation of a building, it's the starting point, the beginning of something to be, the basis of everything to come.

At HeightZero Real Estate & Consulting, we believe the foundation is pivotal to the success of any project. We consult and advise Real Estate Developers, Sponsors, Commercial Property Owners and Portfolio Managers on how to utilize cutting edge AI and Blockchain Technology for:

  • Tokenization

    • to access liquidity and redeploy capital

    • to create liquidity for investors

    • to raise capital by offering fractional ownership in new build projects

  • AI sales matching for new build residential offerings

    • not marketing, but matching, ideal customer profiles to residential product offerings, saving time and money

  • On-chain transactional software to streamline the closing process

  • Cryptocurrency transactions, opening up alternative buyer pools

  • Non-fungible Tokens (NFT's) for raw land and residential product

With strategic analysis and application we assist in project management to help you accomplish a variety of specific development and sales goals. Contact us today for a confidential discovery call.