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Smart & Intelligent Buildings


The difference between a smart building and an intelligent building is that in a smart building, the user will program systems to act in a manner dictated suitable to the best intentions of the user. However, an intelligent building has the appropriate sensing and processing capabilities to listen for itself and then program itself to do what it sees as optimal.


The global Intelligent Building Automation Technologies (IBAT) market size is expected to reach USD 125.74 Billion in 2028, according to Digital Journal. Intelligent building automation technologies offer a large number of benefits, boosting its market growth in commercial applications as well as the residential sector. These include:

  • cost-efficiency

  • smart technology

  • low power consumption

  • enhanced safety systems

  • enhanced security systems

  • convenient operation

Industrial 4.0 , Augmented reality concept. Hand holding tablet with AR service , maintena

Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming physical buildings into digital assets by assimilating IoT endpoints. IoT, (the Internet of Things), is the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.


For owners with thousands, if not millions, of square feet under management, it's paramount to find a solution that can offer:

  • remote options

  • shorten onsite response times

  • increase operational efficiency

  • increase maintenance efficiency

Today there is a fully productized enterprise solution that runs on existing hardware.

The technology works by integrating IoT endpoints into a digital twin at exact locations. AR creates a full 3-Dimensional dashboard view of the building. When there is a malfunction, operations are alerted. If the issue cannot be remedied remotely a technician is sent into the field having access to point by point navigation throughout the facility to help quickly identify surrounding systems and devices.

This set of simple turn-key solutions is purpose built to create a more efficient productive asset, empowering owners to transform and control properties into data lead, operationally efficient and experientially rich, leading to new revenue opportunities.

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