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DigiShares Invites Laura Pamatian to Talk Tokenization

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Miami, FL

DigiShares is bringing our signature masterclass "Real Estate Tokenization" back to Miami this February 7th 2023! This is a beginner-friendly masterclass, suitable for those who are looking to learn about blockchain and tokenization, and how it can bring value to their Real Estate business. With an aim to make real estate assets more accessible and liquid, we will share with real estate professionals the necessary information, techniques, and strategies that will enable them to take up the future challenges of the Real Estate industry.

By attending the masterclass, you will:

  • Leverage your knowledge: Strengthen and leverage the knowledge in the tokenization industry. Stay current with the latest news and regulatory updates.

  • Learn from the experts: Gain insights into our experts' knowledge and real-life experience from use cases within the field to create competitive advantages.

  • Get practical tips: Learn how to identify opportunities amid challenges and develop strategies to capitalize on them.

Register today!

Real estate tokenization is the concept of representing real estate assets with tokens on the blockchain, in order to much more easily fund-raise, manage, and trade the assets.

Benefits of tokenization

Efficiency – time & cost (x10 reduction):

  • Digitization and automation of processes

  • Automated compliance and governance

  • Removal of human errors

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