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Step one in any real estate offering is to not only set, but prove value of the offering. This has always been a labor intensive and costly exercise, until now.


Imagine being able to deliver Proof of the State of the building in real time. Imagine creating higher functioning data and new opportunities for better pricing, trading and leveraging of assets. There is now a way to credential, control and monetize data in ways not previously possible, while cutting down months of due diligence time into days or hours.

Proof of State – an immutable trust that the documents delivered provide the current state of an asset. This includes maintaining the integrity and provenance of all asset data proving it has not been altered. This validation enables Proof of Value and Proof of Process, through valuation and real-time pricing.

To learn how to get started with this technology, let's discuss your project today. Contact us now to learn how we can assist in achieving your goals.

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