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Alternative Payment Options


Did you know you can now close any deal with payment in cryptocurrency.

Crypto to Fiat conversion

  • Buyer can exchange crypto independently at an exchange and receive Fiat

  • Buyer can use a neutral third party provider (one of our title/escrow partners) to facilitate the process​

Crypto wallet to wallet - mediated

  • Transaction is mediated by one of our experienced title/escrow partners

Crypto wallet to wallet - unmediated

  • Buyer sends crypto directly to Sellers wallet (not recommended)

It's imperative you select a team well versed in blockchain technology to execute the buying or selling process. There is an important list of factors to consider; from verifying funds, employing the right payment processor, the right escrow company, matching the right audience, fluctuations in the crypto markets, and other potential concerns that can arise.


Crypto-backed loans are one of the hottest tools in FinTech, with their user base and audience growing rapidly for several years, they are changing the way people interact with money on a large scale. 

Our lender partners provide holders of cryptocurrency a safe and secure way to access fiat funds, with no credit checks and without selling any of their crypto. This is a valuable alternative as it allows the crypto holder to avoid a taxable event. 

Contact us today to find out how you can gain liquidity for just about any purpose using your crypto. 

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