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What are some of the benefits of Tokenization for liquidity? 

  • Exit a portion of equity position while still maintaining management benefits

  • Redeploy capital for renovations, additional development projects, etc.

  • Provide investors dividends from the asset while Sponsor still maintains full ownership

  • Provide liquidity for investors

  • Regulatory visibility / transparency 

Tokenization of the real estate market is an emerging phenomenon worldwide that is increasing the number of available investment options, with the most attractive aspect, being liquidity. 

Real estate tokenization involves creating security tokens on Blockchain and assigning them to properties, which equates to an interest in that property. There are many opportunities in real estate for tokenization that include commercial properties; multi-family, rent-to-own, resort, industrial, agriculture, mineral rights and special purpose (sports stadiums, casinos, airports, etc).

There are currently 41 companies in 17 countries worldwide that have already tokenized real estate. These are primarily active in the USA, followed by Germany and Switzerland.

Tokenization can also be used to raise capital towards development investments, providing an alternative and/or additional, vehicle for funding pre-construction projects.

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