Crypto Transactions


Did you know you can now close any deal with payment in cryptocurrency and/or as a NFT (non-fungible token). In addition, Blockchain can be used in traditional real estate settlement services to provide a full property transaction history, conveyancing services, confirmed changes in property title and assist with a broader adoption of crypto-based payments.

  • Blockchain Explorer preview of funds

  • Collection and Disbursement of Funds

  • Complete Transparency

  • Escrow Theft Mitigation

  • Clawback Prevention

  • Real-Time Settlements

  • Stablecoin Integration

  • Trusted Custodial Wallets

Furthermore, Big Data and AI can transform transaction management and advisory functions, especially as many industry reports are very much backward-looking rather than being predictive.

It's imperative you select a team well versed in blockchain technology to execute the buying or selling process. There is an important list of factors to consider; from verifying funds, employing the right payment processor, the right escrow company, matching the right audience, fluctuations in the crypto markets, and other potential concerns that can arise.

Our partners across the country have some of the deepest experience executing and recording crypto transactions.

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Crypto Loans


Crypto-backed loans are one of the hottest tools in FinTech, with their user base and audience growing rapidly for several years, they are changing the way people interact with money on a large scale. 

These lending services provide holders of cryptocurrency a safe and secure way to access fiat funds, without selling any of their crypto. 

Rather than sell your cryptocurrency for cash, you can pledge it and if there's yield in the market, you keep it!

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